A chance meeting with Balaji led to a discussion on technical writing tools, which eventually brought us to ChatGPT. As we shared notes on the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that many writers seem to have, an analogy came up.

Think of chopping onions. An onion chopper definitely does a better job of chopping onions than a human. I mentioned that ChatGPT is similar to that onion chopper. Now, you may worry that ChatGPT will take away your job of cutting onions. However, this is only true only if you believe your job is solely about cutting onions into small pieces.

But when you view your job as that of making an omelette or any dish, you’ll realize that chopping onions is just one part of the role. By using an onion chopper, you can speed up the entire process of making the omelette and have more time to make additional dishes.

I felt instead of fearing a tool like ChatGPT 1, embracing it and using it effectively to our advantage is the way forward.

An onion chopper does not and can not replace a chef.

  1. Disclaimer: For this post, I used ChatGPT as a reviewer for grammar/language. I accepted two recommended suggestions: expanding FUD and removing a pun about onions and crying 🥲. ↩︎